Friday, October 31, 2008

That Linking Feeling

Everyone is so mean online these days. Even people on my do-gooder, stinky treehugging sites are being short with each other.

I blame the election. I think everyone is stressed out about the economy and we are all waiting to see how the election goes down before we make any big choices about our future.

The problem with this online grumpiness is that it's never the big jerks who leave in a huff. It's always the nice people, the ones with all the great ideas, who get fed up with the sniping and backbiting who leave that online community for good. I think a lot of great sites are ruined by the people being mean with their comments.

On all my favorite sites I've just been adding helpful links to do-it-yourself demos, feel-good testimonials, and other sites where the atmosphere is less strained.

I was planning on doing this until the election is over, but I may just keep being the Queen of the Links on these various sites until the end of the year.

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