Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Brush Stroke of Genius

I am a fickle, fickle woman.

Yesterday, I decided that no shade of green was good enough for my hallway. After two separate attempts at adding color to one of the smallest spaces in Dinky Manor, I suddenly decided that PURPLE, yes that color of pre-teen girls and ancient royalty, was the only acceptable hue for my hallway.

So I'm headed back to the paint store...again, to get more sample pots and paint chips.

Normally I try and be good about returning the paper chips to the store when I'm done playing with them at my house. It saves paper, and hopefully helps my neighborhood paint store in a small way. But sometimes the chips just get too beat up to return to the store for reuse.

Today, while filing like a crazy person, I discovered that I was out of the card stock labels that fit into the fancy nickel plated holders of my file boxes. Instead of cutting up a perfectly good buckslip, I realized that paint chips are the perfect size and I can color code my file boxes so I can see what's in them from across the room. A stroke of genius! Okay, that's probably an exaggeration. But a stroke of smartypantsness at least. Definitely a stroke of anal retentiveness.

It's good for the planet, good for the paint store and good for me!

Damn. It's good for me.

Which makes it not nice enough under the guidelines of my super scientific experiment.


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