Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Necessarily The Lesson I Should Be Learning?

I walked over to my friends house to walk his dogs for him. I get the needed exercise to work off my carbon fatass, and help out my friend who's been stuck in the house all day with a cold. He felt good enough to get out of bed and go on a 3 mile walk with me, so I got to hear all about his round trip train ride to Portland, Oregon for the Pirate Festival. Mr. Foxypants and I are really considering taking the train to Portland for Christmas and New Years. Even though that's 4 days out of a vacation on a train, it's way more environmentally friendly than flying, and we'll be able to do things that we never get to do on the 30 hour trip like read all those books that have stacked up at our house or knit up an entire sweater in one go. We're thinking Portland for our winter vacation because it's really walkable and has awesome Goodwill Stores and Powell's books.

My dog pal is also going to give me a ton of stuff for my garage sale I'm doing in 2 weeks with an old neighbor. He can't believe that I'm willing to take all this crap off his hands. But, I look at it all as free money, whether I sell it or donate it for a tax deduction. And by crap I mean treasure. Beautiful, tax-free treasure...

On the walk home I started fretting about not being nice today. My friend is totally stoked that I came over, walked his dogs, hung out with him even though he has a cold, and agreed to help him empty out his garage full of crap. But have I been nice? I totally enjoyed my walk with him and his dog. And even though I'm benefiting from his garage sale donation, it's not like I went over there intending to relieve him of all his resellable goods.

Am I cheating on my personal challenge today because I'm unintentionally getting something in return for niceness?

Oh no.

When did I decide that nice=torture?

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