Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As a memoirist I'm chopped liver

Okay, I haven't posted anything since March 19th. I've been very busy

1. Moving into my new house with Mr. Foxypants!
2. Casting TWO movies
3. Trying to pay my mortgage on time

But, I haven't been too busy to be nice!

I'm a terrible blogger. So shoot me. I'll do some catch-up. I promise. I've been taking good notes on all my good work!

Today I contacted The Prince, a writer I haven't spoken to in ages. I called him because I needed help drafting an offer letter to an actress for one of my movies and I remembered that he had written a great one years ago. He searched his hard drive for 30 minutes while we talked about good dogs and bad producers we know. (As you've probably already surmised The Prince is not named after Machiavelli or the artist formerly known as). He failed to find the letter, but at that point I was just so happy to reconnect with a nice person who took a half hour out of his busy day to do me a favor that I didn't care.

After I hung up with The Prince, I emailed his manager (who I'm working with tangentially on another project) to tell him what a terrific writer his client The Prince is.

The manager wrote back, "he is the filet mignon of our clients."

How awesome is that compliment?

I forwarded that email exchange to The Prince. He should know that he's filet mignon.