Monday, October 6, 2008

Bacon, Like Ninjas, Improves Everything

Mr. Foxypants and I returned to The Nickle Cafe--site of our Sunday brunch last week, so we could do a dessert tasting menu of the home made Ding Dongs and the home made maple donuts with bacon sprinkles.

I see the donuts being a problem in my future.

The owners approached us about designing a music playlist for the space because they know we DJ a downtown club that's in a historic building and has music to match. They told us that they would pay us for the CDs. Typically we charge $50 a "mixed tape" CD for this service. I think we're just going to bring them a huge pile of CDs filled with Jazz, Jump Blues, Funk match the vibe of their 1930's exchange for free dessert in perpetuity. As you all know, even before the market crashed, I was a big fan of the barter economy. Trading stuff is a lot more interesting than using cash.

I've been forwarding the good reviews of The Nickel to all the foodies in my life. I really want this restaurant to succeed.

For selfish reasons.

Luckily, I'm not the only bacon fanatic around. As my nice act of the day I copied an article about The Bacon of the Month Club for a friend of Mr. Foxypants who is also a connoisseur of cured meat.

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