Saturday, July 5, 2008

California Wildlife Center

My dog died 2 years ago. I hung on to her very expensive dog drugs after her parting instead of flushing them because A: I am a tightwad and flushing $100 in perfectly good medication hurt my brain to think about and B: I wanted them to go to another furry creature who could use them and C: Did I mention that I'm OCD and make throwing anything useful out a huge production? My dog's awesome vet is all the way across town and I always forgot to bring them with me when I was driving through that neighborhood. Freecycling or Craigslisting them is surely illegal as they prescription drugs so I never listed them. And somehow I never got my act together to mail them back to my vet. I couldn't get my act together.

Until today.

I sent the drugs along with some empty syringes that they can use to feed baby birds and squirrels to the California Wildlife Center. Hopefully, some coyote will rest easier from it all.

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