Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boxing Day

Mr. Foxypants asked me to try and go through some boxes today. With what time? And if I go through some boxes, then what? There's no place to put anything that I unpack. I cannot wait until his big deadline at work is over and he finally has some free time to do a major purge and get rid of stuff. I can't fit a needle into the garage it's so packed full of his things.

But, Mr. Foxypants does things every day to make me happy like:

Save me the last Mexican popsicle
Detail my car
Wash the dishes

So I really have to be responsive when he makes a direct request...even if it's irritating. Per his request I unpacked a box of mismatched socks and a box of file folders which are now sitting on the dining room table because there's no place to put them away. I made sure that I was grumpy as possible the entire time I was unpacking because you know being in a bad mood makes every chore that much more fun.

Then I took a break to check my emails because it was all just so exhausting.

That's when I saw the want ad on freecycle for moving boxes from a woman in my neighborhood.

Mr. Foxypants has been threatening for weeks to "break down" the boxes at the side of the house, which he hasn't done because he keeps running out of time. We have probably 50 cardboard boxes in the driveway getting more disgusting with each passing day as they are exposed to the elements. Which in turn makes me kind of crazy because I'm that eco-nut that wants to reuse everything and waste nothing. Especially stuff like perfectly good, slightly used moving boxes.

Let's just say I made Miss Freecycle's day. I flattened out 20 boxes and sent her packing. Literally. She was thrilled not to have to buy boxes for storage. With that one nice act, I also kept 20 more boxes out of the landfill and made some major progress on cleaning off the driveway so we can do something useful with it, like perhaps park a car.

I can't wait to show Mr. Foxypants the side yard, even if it's to distract him from the state of the dining room.

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