Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeding Cats

While Mr. and Mrs. TNT are vacationing, I'm feeding their old neighbor's cat, Yellowtail.

I'm hoping Yellowtail is not named after the cheap wine, because if he is, then my friends are even bigger drunks than I thought.

The old neighbor, and original owner of Yellowtail, hung himself in the backyard with a garden hose last year. Mrs. Old Neighbor promptly moved out, leaving the cat behind for Mr. and Mrs. TNT to deal with...even though they have two cat-hating dogs.

I haven't seen Yellowtail in the three days I've gone over. Today, his fancy food was untouched in his dish.

I'm hoping for his sake, he's found new, dog-free owners who really love him. Even though he's a cat, I feel like he's had enough heartache for the year.

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