Saturday, September 27, 2008

CMJ melody fair

My friend Michelle has been nominated by The College Music Journal as one of the top 5 programmers of the year!

Yay for cool and successful friends!

She sent out a mass emailing today asking everyone to go to her website and click on her "Follow Me" button to help her win a trip to New York.

It seems so arbitrary that the winner would be selected by web traffic and not the amount of actual listeners or how many bands that DJ discovered. It's like some sort of horrible junior high school election where it's all on popularity and not on talent.

But web traffic is more accurately measured than, say, the Nielson ratings that govern what we all get to watch on television.

All of a sudden I feel old.

But I went to her Myspace page and voted for her as my nice act of the day.

Sometimes being nice has instantaneous rewards.

Parachute by Shugo Tokumaru, the featured song on her Myspace page is a really good song!


September 25, 2008

Miss Freecycle, who took about 50 moving boxes off my hands back in July, stopped by with a demo for her boyfriend's band. I passed it along to my friend Fred, who is the intrepid host of the show Demolisten on KXLU. I don't know if he'll play the demo on his show, or even like the music, but, you know, you gotta support your local music scene somehow...

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