Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Pie

And you thought I was make a sexual reference didn't you? Whatever, perv.

I met Mel C. (my former intern, not the Spice Girl) for dessert at the bad pie restaurant in Burbank. I love dumpy restaurants because you can gossip about Hollywood and not worry about the wrong person overhearing your conversation. You know, like the person you are talking about?

Mel C. has been kicking ass lately, working on big commercials. She might actually be in the position to hire me as her assistant on an out of town job. I'm actually stoked by this suggestion. I have a feeling that Mel C. is a good boss. Plus, it would be fun to go out of town with her. It would almost be like a girl's weekend in Las Vegas, except that we'd be working 14 hours a day in Salt Lake City.

She wants my advice, as a mentor, on what she should do with her life and career.


While I'm busily telling her what not to do, i.e. Do not be me, it occurs to me that I should introduce her to Crispy. He's writing a series of comedic webisodes and keeps calling me for advice. I'd actually produce Crispy's webisodes for him so he could stop stressing, except I don't have time.

Okay, that last statement wasn't really true. The real reason why I'm not producing his webisodes is that I don't have enough money in the bank to work for free. I spend all my free time selling my small appliances on Craigslist. Being nice to my friends is certainly easier when I've got cash.

But Mel C. could be a great producer. She is still at the point in her career where she needs to do free work to build up her resume. I tell her about Crispy. She is so flattered and happy that I would recommend her for a producing job. She smiles and smiles and smiles.

Sometimes being a good mentor makes up for being a bad example.

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