Friday, January 4, 2008

It's January 4th and Already I'm Behind Schedule

On New Year's day I hosted a book exchange party at the my home. I do this about once every six months so everyone in my online book group has the opportunity to meet face to face and I can purge my bookcase of all the good books that I can't sell on for cash. Everyone brings good books that are taking up shelf space and toss them on the communal pile. The books that get left behind after the swap are donated to the public library for their book drive. Yesterday I donated 44 books to the Los Angeles Public Library.

I'd like to say that the endeavor of sorting, packing and delivering the leftover books to my local library branch took all day and left me no time for blogging, but the real reason I didn't post is that I just could't get my act together.

Which is just so ironic considering that my entire job is about organizing people and things through time and space.

Luckily a friend from back East called me at 5pm frantically looking for a prop master in Baltimore area. It just so happens that I know two prop masters in the Baltimore area and referred my friend to both of them.

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